Walt Disney Meets Hobson’s Choice


Job Vacancy – Premier of the State of SA


Applicant #1 – Jay Weatherill.

Biggest achievements –

  • UNPRECEDENTED run of making SA’s level of unemployment the highest in Australia,
  • RECORD levels of turmoil and mismanagement in the Health sector,
  • HIGHEST electricity prices in the world,
  • STATEWIDE factory and industry closures,
  • HALF – HEARTED support for ICAC,
  • INCOMPETENCE in management and tragic results under his watch of children in State care,
  • CREATING levels of confidence and optimism that saw a net exodus of over 6,000 South Australians from this State,
  • UNPRECEDENTED absence of transparency in government and sale of publicly owned assets,
  • AVERAGE household water bills growing 233% between 2001-02 and 2016-17,
  • STAGGERINGLY unpopular and pointless proposals relating to time zones, nuclear dumps and driverless cars,
  • ENORMOUS benefit to the State when Mr Weatherill’s extraordinary hubris saw him assemble his own film crews to film him on his overseas travels.


Applicant #2 – Nick Xenophon.

Biggest achievements –

  • WALKED away from the Liberals early on in his career to flirt with Labor,
  • GOT into state Parliament with less than 3% of the vote while promising the world in relation to gambling and pokies (anyone notice any difference yet?),
  • ENTERED State Parliament when he saw the opportunity to be king maker,
  • WALKED (again) away from State Parliament when he saw the opportunity to be a bigger king maker in Federal Parliament
  • WHEN a number of crazy Queenslanders and a few even crazier West Australians had the same idea and spoiled his plans, walked (again) away from Federal Parliament
  • SEEKS now to return to the first Parliament that he spurned because he once again sees an opportunity to be king maker (if not king).

To paraphrase Paul Keating – all nuts and no baklava.


Applicant #3 – Steven Marshall.

Biggest achievements – T.B.A.


Applicant #4 – Daffy Duck.

Biggest achievements – makes people happy.


My vote?

Go Daffy!

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